Our Story

I make the best hot peppers” Roseanna boasted one afternoon.

We were hanging over the chain-link fence, as usual, watching our neighbours in their outdoor canning kitchen.  They fashioned a tarp from an old metal shed to the big maple tree in the back yard, and stirred an enormous pot of spaghetti sauce on their makeshift propane stove.

We are making them next weekend,” she said as she passed over the hot peppers piled high on some crusty bread.

On the top was the prettiest hot pepper offering I had ever seen.  Indeed, these were the best hot peppers and Roseanna was very excited when I asked her to teach us to make them. We spent the day in Brant County and Haldimand Norfolk driving from farm to farm.

We tasted and bartered, and we picked just the right peppers for that year’s bounty—and for four days, Roseanna passed along her tips, tricks, and must do’s to recreate her delicious hot peppers.

Over the past 10 years we have been perfecting the processes for marinating and preserving hot peppers. This year’s offering was produced in Our Kitchen Brantford, which is a local community commercial kitchen, and is now available for everyone to enjoy.

Roseanna’s Peppers are the best hot peppers.

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