Roseanna's Peppers

Try Roseanna's Peppers today! Enjoy amazing flavours in every bite! It improves taste of everything you put it on and is unavoidably tasty! Try Roseanna's Peppers once and become a customers for life! 

Over the past 10 years we have been perfecting the processes for marinating and preserving hot peppers. This year's offering was produced in Our Kitchen Brantford, a local community commercial kitchen, and is now available for everyone to enjoy.

Just One Spoonful is Magical

Roseanna's Peppers are fantastic on burgers, hot dogs, eggs, toast and even on top of your favorite appetizers—or just by themselves! The oil can be used in various ways too, including drizzling, sauteing, spreading, mixing, scooping, dolloping, roasting, marinating, glazing, poaching, dipping, grilling, sprinkling, layering and much more!



"I will never eat pizza without this again! These are the best hot peppers. Thank you Roseanna's peppers for the delicious treat! Will definitely be ordering again!" — Megan from Brantford

"I love these peppers. The flavour is outstanding and the little kick of heat is just perfect. If something you are eating is missing something these peppers are definitely the perfect little touch that will send it over the top. My new favourite lunch is a Roseanna's peppers spread over hummus on a pita with cucumber slices. Fantastic over garlic bread too. Everyone should have a jar of these in their fridge!! The possibilities are endless." — Lisa from Brantford

"I added it to macaroni and cheese with some bacon. The red peppers just added the right amount of flavour and heat for me! Delicious!" — Robert from Norfolk

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